Company specialized in production, analysis and research of standard substances

RIGAS Co., Ltd has the capability to manufacture and analyze various specifications of liquid and gas standard substances and supplies products in which customers can have confidence by application of our unique special container inner-surface treatment technology essential for improving stability of low concentration reactive gas and introduction of strict quality management system.
Our company also manufactures all standard gases in gravimetric method using high precision high capacity scale and guarantees the accuracy for the volume of every substance by quantifying and verifying it with GC, special gas analyzers, etc
Company having Corporate-affiliated Research Institute and Gas Analysis Science Research Institute.  
RIGAS Co., Ltd established Gas Analysis Science Research Institute in 1999 on the basis of Korea Basic Research Promotion and Technology Development Supporting Act, and has performed gas analysis research actively for development of new products such as undeveloped special gases and improvement of accuracy of gas analysis.
Authorized Standard Gas Testing and Certification Agency   
RIGAS Co., Ltd has been appointed as a government-authorized standard gas testing and certification agency from Korea National Institute of Environmental Research, first as a private entity, and performs testing and analysis for gaseous standard substances (Standard gas for calibrating continuous automatic chimney exhaust gas measuring instrument and continuous automatic air measuring instrument
Hierarchy of Standard Materials
Product Class of Standard Gas is divided into Primary Standard, Master Standard and Certified Standard according to the method for manufacturing mixed gas and mixing accuracy of component gases.



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