ELVESYS is an innovative self-funded company that started the commercialization of microfluidic instrumentation in 2011. ELVESYS aims to become a key research partner in the microfluidic field because we believe this domain will be the heart of next technological revolution. Doubling its turnover every 9 months, in just 4 years its ELVEFLOW brand has become the world leader of high performance microfluidic flow control. Rewarded by more than 10 entrepreneurial distinctions, ELVESYS launched two sisters companies in 2013 and 2014, respectively specialized in the biological environment control, the microfluidic device design and fast microchip prototyping.


In just a few years, Elveflow became the world leader in high performance microfluidic flow control. Today, Elveflow provides the widest brand of microfluidic flow control systems

Elveflow® focuses on the development of high performance and Plug and Play flow control systems fitted to microfluidic research. We provide the only microfluidic flow control systems using Piezo technology and that enable blazing fast flow changes in your microdevice. Depending on your particular needs, we can advise you and install the setup best fitted for your lab.


Elveflow offers the most complete range of microfluidic instruments. Our product line covers the main applications in the field.

This unique advantage maximizes your chances of finding an instrument that is compatible with your current setup and that also meets your changing needs, regardless of the modifications you wish to make in your system.




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