ELECTROOPTIC, Ltd., the leading designer and manufacturer of electro-optical products since 1996, presents a new line of advanced and sophisticated infrared viewing and night vision devices involving ultraviolet-infrared viewers, infrared cameras, night vision rifle scopes, goggles, TV-imaging systems and special accessories. ELECTROOPTIC products combine innovation technology, excellence in manufacturing and prompt reliable service.

Infrared viewing devices

High performance infrared viewing devices are designed for viewing, recording and digitization radiation emitted by ultraviolet and infrared sources in the 270…2000 nm spectral region and are ideal for wide field applications involving laser beam alignment and inspection, optical fiber alignment, telecommunications, surveillance and investigation in botany, biophysics, medicine, forensics and art restoration, examine documents, records, engravings, paintings, infrared microscopy, infrared luminescence (by ultraviolet stimulation), fluorescence.




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